About Mark McVeigh

Former MotoGP Engineer and International Racer Mark McVeigh is the founder and CEO of motoDNA Rider’s Academy; motoDNA Digital Academy; and youth development program motoCHAMPION. He has built a team of coaches, engineers and investors to help scale motoDNA’s expertise across a number of sectors, all with the sole purpose of improving rider skill and improving motorcycle rider safety.

Bendix motoCHAMPION Announced


motoCHAMPION Announced In a world first, Australian digital riders academy motoDNA, in Partnership with Motorcycling Australia, Bendix Moto and Sydney Motorsport Park innovation Precinct have delivered a motorcycle champion using its proprietary data driven platform. Aussie racers from 11 years old took part on racetrack and go-kart circuits all over Australia .....

Bendix motoCHAMPION Announced2022-02-02T13:40:04+10:00

Bendix Partner With motoDNA


Bendix Partner With motoDNA Bendix enters Motorcycle Brake Category with motoDNA Partnership Today Bendix FMP announces its expansion into the motorcycle brake friction market by partnering with Australia’s leading motorcycle academy motoDNA. As Australia’s leading brake manufacture Bendix is no stranger to the two-wheeled category, with Bendix’s Asia-Pacific subsidiaries already .....

Bendix Partner With motoDNA2021-09-17T12:19:38+10:00

Meet Cru Halliday


He describes himself as a loud extrovert, but he’s focussed and fast when he’s behind a set of handlebars. Cru Halliday is a member of Yamaha’s YRT Racing Team, the current 600 Supersport Champion and is a front-runner for the 2019 ASBK Superbike title. Halliday will be cutting laps and .....

Meet Cru Halliday2021-09-17T12:20:18+10:00

Check your seat for front-end feel


If you’re hanging on too tight you can’t get feedback from the front-end of your bike, and the problem might be in your seat. In the video below Mark 'Irish' McVeigh talks about how getting more grip into your seat and tank for your leathers can help get weight off .....

Check your seat for front-end feel2021-08-22T16:00:38+10:00

Passion Pursued


"There is nothing like the feeling of riding on the track." Like many of us, Fiona fell for riding later in life. "My passion for motorbikes started back in 2011. My husband bought a sports tourer for us. My then 24 year old son suggested we get motorcycle licenses together." .....

Passion Pursued2021-08-22T16:03:25+10:00

10 Tips for Riding a Motorcycle on Country Roads


Compared to the city, country roads can be a barrel of fun on a motorcycle. It’s why most of us ride. To be able to have a fang in the hills can be pure magic. Here’ a few tips to get the best from your riding and keep safe on country roads.

10 Tips for Riding a Motorcycle on Country Roads2021-08-22T16:24:56+10:00

motoDNA Partners With Sydney Motorsport Park


motoDNA Riders Academy (motoDNA) has partnered with the AUSTRALIAN Racing Drivers’ Club (ARDC), to become Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP) inaugural Resident Rider Training Provider. After an exhaustive six-month review by the ARDC of bike activity at Sydney Motorsport Park, motoDNA has been awarded a 5-year contract to take charge of .....

motoDNA Partners With Sydney Motorsport Park2022-05-24T13:37:26+10:00

Vision – Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Out Of Sight


Steer the bike with your eyes!    You go where you look! How often have we motorcyclists heard these phrases? Looking where you want to go obviously relates to vision, an important sense for everyday life, however when we introduce motorcycles, the importance of vision increases dramatically, not just as an .....

Vision – Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Out Of Sight2021-08-19T19:40:09+10:00

Hack Your Ride


Hack Your Ride How To Accelerate Your Motorcycle Skills ... What’s the difference between the average Joe rider and VR46?We all steer, brake, throttle, lean, look …Everyone has arms, legs, brain …So why are some riders better than others?Apart from fitness, riding motorcycles is all in your head and here’s why. .....

Hack Your Ride2021-08-24T12:01:55+10:00

The Coach


By Mark McVeigh @ motoDNA Mark McVeigh is a former International Racer, MotoGP Engineer, Road Rider and founder of the motoDNA Riders Academy. Motorcycle coach’s jumped into the spotlight recently after Valentino Rossi acknowledged his new coach, former World Champion Luca Cadalora, as a main contributor to his resurgent form .....

The Coach2021-08-24T11:46:07+10:00
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