motoDNA Review Your Ride

Review your ride with our specialised coaches

motoDNA Review Your Ride

Review your ride with our specialised coaches

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What is ‘Review Your Ride’?

Riding a motorcycle well is a difficult skill to master.

It’s well known that 10,000 hours of practicing correct technique’s is necessary to become an expert.

motoDNA uses its 3 pillar rider system of SKILL, CRAFT & MIND to holistically measure, grade then advise riders how to level up, step by step.

Anyone can take part, from new to experienced road riders, aspiring and matured track riders, up to the racers chasing the adrenaline.

What you get

  • Your video reviewed by our motorcycle trainers
  • We identify the 5 biggest opportunities for you to improve
  • Video voiceover
  • Telemetry overlaid on your video
  • Data Driven by motoDNA
  • You can supply a video up to 5 minutes long
  • 30 minute zoom review*


Simply mount your supported*** action camera onto your motorbike and press record and go for your ride.

Upon checkout, upload your video and we will take it from there.

Street Riders: Mount your camera on the tank, fairing or windshield facing forward

Track riders / Racers: Mount your camera on the tail of your bike facing forwards.

Use the widest capture setting for this placement – we want to see your body position.

Alternatively if you have a short seat, mount it on the tank.

*When the zoom addon is purchased

***Supported cameras: GPS enabled GoPro’s and Garmin Virb’s

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