Welcome to motoCHAMPION

Step one to MotoGP powered by motoDNA

Welcome to motoCHAMPION

Step one to MotoGP powered by motoDNA

motoDNA is proud to bring you motoCHAMPION, a data driven competition open to all riders aged 11 to under 16 aimed at finding and supporting the next Aussie MotoGP star.

It’s super easy to take part – using a GoPro on your motorbike, ride any track in Australia. This makes it a 100% COVID-friendly competition.

Upload a video of your best lap and our algorithms analyse your riding, grade your skills compared to the other riders and places you on our competition leader boards plus you can upload as many laps as you like.

Our low barrier to entry championship rewards young riders with prizes while improving core skills safely to help them get to MotoGP.

The top 5 motoCHAMPION riders win automatic entry to the Oceania Junior Cup selection event where they will have the chance to compete and qualify for the 2022 bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup.

The top prize is a sponsored place in the 2022 bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup worth over $10,000!

The 5 riders will be announced on 10th December 2021, so sign up now via the easy steps below and get riding.

  1. Create an account at motoDNA Digital Academy with the competitors name and log in – click here
  2. Subscribe to the basic subscription ( FREE ) – click here
  3. Join the motoCHAMPION Challenge group – click here

Show your skill on the track and upload your data. You may upload your riding results as many times as you like until the competition is closed. This will put you up against the best young riders in Australia.

You will be initially assigned a preliminary score, and then as more rider’s upload the algorithms will adapt and your scores will change. Be sure to keep an eye on where you stand.

A parent or guardian will be required to approve participation and sign up of all riders.

The total cost to take part is ZERO – thanks to our sponsor Bendix Brakes.

You can also join the community on our motoCHAMPION facebook page – click here

The competition is open from 6th September 2021 through to 30th November 2021 and you can join at any time within the competition period.

It’s over to you now to test your riding skills, work on areas of improvement to rise up the motoCHAMPION leader board.

Any questions? Give us a call 1300 001 DNA

Good luck!

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What you will need to use motoDNA

Bike & Mates


Riding Area

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Bike & Mates

With motoDNA you can DIY with your own virtual riding coach. Just grab your bike and a bunch of mates for a fun and learning experience. Remember, more skill = more fun and more rewards on our data driven platform.


GoPro HERO 7 + offer’s more than just video with great sensors producing awesome data for our motoDNA algorithms. You only need one GoPro, so you can share the camera with your mates so everyone can take part.

The action camera must be securely mounted to a static portion of the motorcycle, such as the tank or the rear seat. It cannot be mounted to your body, or any part connected to the steering. With the bike standing upright, the camera should be upright and straight, facing directly forwards.

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Riding Area

motoCHAMPION is designed to be used on any racetrack or you can use our simple Figure 8 track layout. You will need a safe riding area to practise of at least 60m x 40m to give safe run off for the 35m x 15m Figure 8. You can quickly mark out the track with a tape measure and chalk or use cones if you wish. For more info head to our track setup page.

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To use motoCHAMPION sign up to a BASIC or PREMIUM paid subscription plus our motoCHAMPION challenge to access rich sets of features such as video, compare to other riders, training and of course the opportunity to get to MotoGP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a different action camera?2021-08-05T22:52:00+10:00

Currently only GPS enabled GoPro’s are supported. We are planning to expand the list of compatible cameras

I accidentally uploaded the wrong video for a drill. Can I change or edit the submission?2021-09-03T16:57:58+10:00

If you believe you made a mistake with your upload, please contact us and we will remove the uploaded data.

Are the scores accurate?2021-08-05T22:53:57+10:00

The algorithms have been developed and tested based on data from hundreds of riders and are in a continuous refinement loop. The scores that are given are an accurate representation of your riding behaviour.

Can I compare my data with myself?2021-08-05T22:53:09+10:00

Currently, no. We are working on giving you the ability to compare yourself with other activities you have completed.

Data Driven

Developed from thousands of riders at the motoDNA Motorcycle Training, our algorithms measure, grade and train motorcycle riders.


No more guessing, data sensor fusion combined with our algorithms deeply understand rider behaviour.

Towards Zero

Our urgent and ambitious aim is to empower the motorcycle community to take back control towards zero.

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