Your Motorcycle Coach

100% Data Driven

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Your Motorcycle Coach

100% Data Driven

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The Science of Riding

motoDNA is a digital training platform designed to save motorcycle riders lives. Using bike mounted sensors (currently GoPro) the motoDNA system automatically analyses and interprets riding data to understand motorcycle rider’s behaviour’s.

Developed over ten years at the motoDNA Motorcycle Training School in Australia, our machine learning algorithms measure and grade the rider’s ability, compared to thousands of other riders, and then advise the rider how to improve, to keep them safe on the road.

Riders now have their own personalised virtual coach – 100% data driven.

Rather than the traditional punitive road safety model, the motoDNA platform is disruptive and gamified with rewards mechanisms to encourage rider’s progression and improved safety using our behavioural analysis engine via a fun micro-learning approach.

Our black box also provides a data driven evidence based analytical feedback loop used to understand accident root cause providing much needed objective insight for ongoing rider safety improvements.

Our mission is global motorcycle rider safety, our vision ambitious and daring as we urgently aim to empower the global motorcycle community TOWARDS ZERO.

  • Zero crashes and fatalities
  • Empower riders to take control of motorcycling
  • Grow the motorcycle industry
  • Grow motorcycle sport

This new paradigm of measuring riders’ skills via data, opens up other business models including Your motorcycle school, digital racing, data driven insurance, ARAS support via smart-bikes and racetrack risk management.

Data Driven

Developed from thousands of riders at the motoDNA Motorcycle Training, our algorithms measure, grade and train motorcycle riders.


No more guessing, data sensor fusion combined with our algorithms deeply understand rider behaviour.

Towards Zero

Our urgent and ambitious aim is to empower the motorcycle community to take back control towards zero.

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