Digital Racing – Data Driven

An eSports Hybrid – More Reality than Virtual

Digital Racing – Data Driven

An eSports Hybrid – More Reality than Virtual

Welcome to Digital Racing, a new hybrid parallel in the world of motorsport and eSports.

motoDNA has created a new racing paradigm with its propriety data driven system that measures and grades rider skill rather than using the traditional lap time.

This means riders don’t need to be together on a track to race each other, in fact riders can compete on different tracks, bikes and even tyres from different corners of the world.

motoDNA has developed its machine learning algorithms by analysing thousands of riders, from newbie club racers to our Superbike and former MotoGP Coaches.

By grading riders from zero ( new riders ) to 100 (MotoGP riders), infinite leaderboards and competitions are now possible.

We mixed skills like overall, best braker, highest lean angle, etc with rider type such as kids, women, etc then added demographics such as state, region, country and even the world to create rich and deep digital racing series.

By design we have blended digital shows, rider stories, our training system and user video all on a highly gamified and rewards based platform.

We then tested our platform for real by launching the worlds 1st data driven digital racing series in Australia with the 2021 motoCHAMPION, a data driven competition open to riders aged 11 to under 16 aimed at finding and supporting the next Aussie MotoGP star.

We brought in sponsors to fund the winner who scored a free ride – worth over $10,000 – and is currently competing in the 2022 bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup – Road to MotoGP series.

Just as eSports and gaming is fundamental to the future of motorsport, digital racing is another funnel to bring people into our sport creating a low barrier pipeline for new interest whilst also supporting diversity in our sport.

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