Bendix motoCHAMPION Announced


motoCHAMPION Announced In a world first, Australian digital academy motoDNA, in Partnership with Motorcycling Australia, Bendix Moto and Sydney Motorsport Park innovation Precinct have delivered a motorcycle champion using its proprietary data driven platform. Aussie racers from 11 years old took part on racetrack and go-kart circuits all over Australia using .....

Bendix motoCHAMPION Announced2023-02-06T15:37:14+10:00

Vision – Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Out Of Sight


Steer the bike with your eyes!    You go where you look! How often have we motorcyclists heard these phrases? Looking where you want to go obviously relates to vision, an important sense for everyday life, however when we introduce motorcycles, the importance of vision increases dramatically, not just as an .....

Vision – Improve Your Motorcycle Riding Out Of Sight2021-08-19T19:40:09+10:00

Mindful Motorcycling


How To Improve Your Riding Out Of Sight Riding a motorcycle well and with longevity requires 3 primary elements. Good skill, road-craft (or race-craft) and the right mental approach. Today we talk about the right mental approach using mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the internal .....

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Emergency Braking – Facts vs Myths


There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding correct emergency braking technique. Perhaps it’s the fact that most riders are tentative with the front brake due to the obvious risk of locking the front wheel. Certainly that’s the body language we see before our emergency braking drills at motoDNA. However, empowered and confident riders .....

Emergency Braking – Facts vs Myths2021-08-19T19:43:12+10:00

motoDNA – Girl Power


Motorcycles Make Women Happier Recent studies emerging from the US indicate women who ride motorcycles are happier, with better relationships and increased confidence. ( Motorcycles make everyone happier :-) Motorcycles are lots of things to lots of people. Through training thousands of students over the years, motoDNA student feedback ranges .....

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Quantum Leap Every now and again there is a quantum leap in motorcycle racing technology, whether it’s the engine, chassis, suspension, riding techniques or safety. Consider the genius of Walter Kaaden’s 2-stroke expansion chamber or the back protector which Barry Sheene knocked up from old visors for Dainese to transform .....

THE LEG WAVE2021-08-19T19:39:43+10:00



Lateral flex Motorcycle dynamics can be a complex conundrum. Balancing the design elements that make up a bike’s system for optimum performance is a never ending challenge. That system includes an element that plays a major role in the overall performance of the machine, the rider. Bikes are more of .....

TO FLEX OR NOT TO FLEX2021-08-19T19:47:53+10:00
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