streetSKILLS 101 is a new training product, data driven by motoDNA Digital Academy, to fast track your core street skills and help reduce your risk on the street.

Welcome to motoDNA. Today we’re talking about a new way of learning motorcycle skills. I’m Mark McVeigh, I’ve been riding safely on the road and racing on track for 35 years. After working as a MotoGP engineer, I founded the motoDNA motorcycle school in Australia. Today I run the motoDNA Digital Academy, online and data driven, teaching riders all over the world.

streetSKILLS 101

Skill is a huge part of riding a motorcycle but how do you know what your skill level is and where do you go to learn? motoDNA developed a set of training drills that replicate the most common real world accidents, but in a controlled environment. Plus it’s data driven so you can measure your skill level compared to thousands of other Riders. It’s called streetSKILLS 101 and comprises of the following drills.

1 – Figure 8

The first one is the Figure 8, it can tell a lot about a rider and it’s trickier than it looks. The data shows how you’ve throttled, braked, and steered, where and when you looked, and how you use your body.

2 – Emergency Stop

The next drill is the Emergency Stop. Most bikes can slow down at over 1G on the brakes, but data shows only 10 percent of riders can achieve this level. What’s your score?

3 – Avoidance

The third drill is Avoidance in a straight line, and this tests your ability to swerve safely and avoid a hazard, and come to a stop.

4 – Corner Avoidance

The fourth drill is avoidance in a corner. Many riders are killed in head-on crashes which can be avoided. It’s a tricky manoeuvre, plus there’s a big difference between left and right corners, do you know why?

5 – Balance

The fifth drill is balance, slow speed control. It’s essential for safe lane filtering and slow speed manoeuvres.

6 – U-Turn and Take-off

The sixth drill is a U-turn. Practice in a controlled environment is essential to master this skill. The final drill is Take-off. Sounds simple but still important for safe riding.

All this and more on a gamified and video rich online community platform. Sign up at to learn more.

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About the Author: Mark McVeigh

Former MotoGP Engineer & International Racer Mark McVeigh is the Founder and CEO of motoDNA, improving motorcycle rider's performance and safety around the world.

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