motoDNA Digital Academy is your Virtual Motorcycle Coach. Our system has been developed over ten years with thousands of customers and comprises of 5 major elements:

1. 3 Pillars

2. FLOW+

3. Data driven

4. Gamified

5. Rewards

Video Transcript

Welcome to motoDNA, today we’re talking about a new way of learning motorcycle skills. I’m Mark McVeigh, I’ve been riding safely on the road and racing on track for 35 years. After working as a Moto GP engineer, I founded the Riders Academy in Australia. Today I run the motoDNA Digital Academy, online and data driven, teaching riders all over the world

The Five Elements

G’day riders, learning and improving your riding hasn’t changed much over the years, basic skills and knowledge are taught to get you licence and that’s kind of it. You’re released on to the road to fend for yourself. Well that’s now changed with motoDNA’s Digital Academy – so how does it work? Well think of it like your personal virtual coach that analyses your riding behaviour. That system comprises of five major elements.

1 – Three Pillars

The first element are the three pillars of skill, craft and mind. These three pillars underpin a good rider, its no good having great skill if your craft or attitude is poor.

2 – Flow+

Your second element is Flow+. Flow is scientifically proven high-performance psychology. Our algorithms break down the three pillars into micro stages, teaching you step by step using stretch goals and the science of Flow+.

3 – Data Driven

The third element is data driven. You can’t improve what you don’t measure, and motoDNA’s ground-breaking technology uses the sensors in your GoPro to objectively measure and grade your riding compared to other riders.

4 – Gamification

The fourth element is gamification, or serious games. When you learn via play, your performance increases exponentially. This is scientifically proven, plus it’s fun.

5 – Rewards

The fifth element is rewards, level up and get rewarded. It’s that simple.

So that’s the five major elements of the motoDNA system. All this and more on a gamified and video rich online community platform, where you, the riders, own and control your own data.

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About the Author: Mark McVeigh

Former MotoGP Engineer & International Racer Mark McVeigh is the Founder and CEO of motoDNA, improving motorcycle rider's performance and safety around the world.

Data Driven

Developed from thousands of riders at the motoDNA Motorcycle Training, our algorithms measure, grade and train motorcycle riders.


No more guessing, data sensor fusion combined with our algorithms deeply understand rider behaviour.

Towards Zero

Our urgent and ambitious aim is to empower the motorcycle community to take back control towards zero.

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