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Former MotoGP Engineer and International Racer Mark McVeigh is the founder and CEO of motoDNA Rider’s Academy; motoDNA Digital Academy; and youth development program motoCHAMPION. He has built a team of coaches, engineers and investors to help scale motoDNA’s expertise across a number of sectors, all with the sole purpose of improving rider skill and improving motorcycle rider safety.

Front End Feel


How To Develop Front End Feel This article is aimed at advanced motorcycle riding in a controlled environment. “I don’t have a good feeling with the front.“ How often do we hear the MotoGP aliens say this ? But just what do they mean, how do we feel the front? .....

Front End Feel2021-08-24T11:24:41+10:00

How Much Throttle?


How Much Throttle? 10 Tips To Help Your Throttle Control The techniques in this article are used at motoDNA Riders Academy closed circuit training days to develop riding skills for the road and track. 1 - Lean AngleThe more you lean your bike over in a corner the less grip .....

How Much Throttle?2021-08-24T12:02:59+10:00

Mindful Motorcycling


How To Improve Your Riding Out Of Sight Riding a motorcycle well and with longevity requires 3 primary elements. Good skill, road-craft (or race-craft) and the right mental approach. Today we talk about the right mental approach using mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the internal .....

Mindful Motorcycling2021-08-19T19:42:38+10:00

The Coach


Photo Credits: MotoGP.com Rider trainers have been in the spotlight recently after Valentino Rossi acknowledged his new coach, former World Champion Luca Cadalora, as a main contributor to his dominant form at the recent Spanish MotoGP. Rossi was a notorious poor qualifier and equally not great off the line, spending .....

The Coach2021-08-24T11:48:30+10:00

Major Riding Mistakes


Don’t Go Mental In The Pack Riding in a group can be fun. Hanging with mates, attending bike events, eating good food and meeting new people can be almost as good as the ride.The psychologist Maslow identified that people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behavior.There is an .....

Major Riding Mistakes2021-08-24T11:40:10+10:00

Emergency Braking – Facts vs Myths


There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding correct emergency braking technique. Perhaps it’s the fact that most riders are tentative with the front brake due to the obvious risk of locking the front wheel. Certainly that’s the body language we see before our emergency braking drills at motoDNA. However, empowered and confident riders .....

Emergency Braking – Facts vs Myths2021-08-19T19:43:12+10:00

My motoDNA – Ash De Bakker


From Newbie To Coach By Ash De Bakker Riders come along to motoDNA for different reasons, varying from having fun to looking for more confidence or up-skilling for improved safety on the road or sometimes to even start a racing career. This story begins in 2014 when Ash first attended .....

My motoDNA – Ash De Bakker2021-08-24T11:50:14+10:00

Understanding Motorcycle Tyre Grip


A motorcycle tyre is an extraordinary piece of engineering. These black round sticky things are able to keep our motorcycles in control at extreme speed and lean angles, relying on only two small patches of rubber in contact with the asphalt. However, most riders underestimate the high level of grip .....

Understanding Motorcycle Tyre Grip2021-08-24T11:51:56+10:00

Achieve Your New Year Riding Resolution


Achieve your New Years RIDING Resolution Goal setting is an important way to achieve what you want in your life, and what’s more important than riding goals. Deciding what's important from what's irrelevant is a great way to focus and reach your goals. At motoDNA here are some of our .....

Achieve Your New Year Riding Resolution2021-08-24T11:54:13+10:00

trackSKILLS – Trail Braking


By Mark McVeigh #SkillDrill - Trail Braking Sponsored By Pirelli Tyres On the track, racers are either on the throttle or on the brakes – no free wheeling – this wastes time. Trail braking is a technique which racers use to slow the bike as quickly as possible from one .....

trackSKILLS – Trail Braking2021-08-24T11:56:04+10:00
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