Achieve your New Years RIDING Resolution

Goal setting is an important way to achieve what you want in your life, and what’s more important than riding goals.

Deciding what’s important from what’s irrelevant is a great way to focus and reach your goals.

At motoDNA here are some of our riders favourite RIDING resolutions:

  • Braking – Learn how to do a great emergency stop or explore the art of trail braking.
  • Cornering – Improve and enjoy your cornering more with increased vision and awareness.
  • Throttle control – Discover the secrets to great throttle control – learn when and how hard you should open the gas.
  • Confidence – With greater skill comes improved confidence, increased motorcycle safety and more enjoyment in your riding.

Check out our video reel to see how you can achieve your New Years RIDING Resolution.

About the Author: Mark McVeigh

Former MotoGP Engineer and International Racer Mark McVeigh is the founder and CEO of motoDNA Rider’s Academy; motoDNA Digital Academy; and youth development program motoCHAMPION. He has built a team of coaches, engineers and investors to help scale motoDNA’s expertise across a number of sectors, all with the sole purpose of improving rider skill and improving motorcycle rider safety.

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