Riding can improve muscle tone, burn calories and be good for our mental health – here’s how…

Strong knees And Thighs

Riding a bike strengthens key muscles around the knees reducing joint problems.

Manoeuvring your bike at slow speed especially around hills = bonus fitness points.

Core Strength

If your core is not strong from riding you are using your arms too much.

Try and relax your arms and hold on with your thighs and knees when you ride.

This transfers force through your core and also reduces fatigue, as you are not fighting every bump on the road.

Your arms should be bent which will also help counter steering efficiency.

Weight Loss

Your body is busy burning calories when you ride.

Automatic micro muscle movements are needed to maintain balance and operate gears, clutch, brakes, etc improving muscle tone and increasing metabolism.

Toned Neck

Counteracting headwinds and buffeting gives your neck and upper body muscles a workout.

Your head weighs about 5kg plus the weight of your helmet. G-forces from cornering and bumps act on your head strengthening neck muscles.


When we ride, our cognitive capacity is maxed out concentrating on operating our motorcycle while staying safe.

Your brain effectively lights up as your fine motor skills operate the bike and your vision scans the road for hazards plus looking where we want to go.

As our brain capacity is maxed out, other thoughts including those that cause stress are pushed out often leaving us feeling mentally refreshed after a ride.

Happy Riders

There’s nothing like going for a fang up your favorite twisty mountain road or on the racetrack to give us the feeling of fun and freedom. This releases natural endorphins, which make us feel happy.

Motorcycling can also be very social. Hanging out with like-minded riders can reduce symptoms of depression and lead to better cognitive function as it constantly engages and exercises the mind.

Riders Are Smarter

Such is the concentration required to operate motorcycle controls, studies have shown improved levels of cognitive function compared to bored car drivers.

The brain is like any muscle and needs exercise to stay in good shape. Operating complex motorcycle functions on a bike keep a riders head active improving the problem solving area of the brain.

So the next time you are called a temporary Australian or an organ donor you have some ammo to fire back, now get out and ride!!

About the Author: Mark McVeigh

Former MotoGP Engineer & International Racer Mark McVeigh is the Founder and CEO of motoDNA, improving motorcycle rider's performance and safety around the world.

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