The motoDNA System

AI Data Driven Rider Training

The motoDNA System

AI Data Driven Rider Training

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The motoDNA system is a quantum leap in rider training, combining the latest technology with our proven training program.

Developed over decades in our school with 1000’s of riders data, our AI Data Driven technology means riders now have objective data based on the laws of physics, to truly understand your riding level, rather than a subjective opinion.

Once you truly understand your riding ability, we teach you how to level up, step by step, using our micro learning program.

Its well known that 10k hours are required to become an expert in any skill. But unlike a guitar, making a mistake on a motorcycle can have serious consequences.

Thats why we recommend developing your new skills in a controlled environment, so you can practise the correct techniques and make the inevitable small mistakes safely, while you develop intuitive and consistent riding skills.

Skill, Craft and Mind are the three main pillars for safe road riding – all data driven by motoDNA.

1. Skill

  • Defined as the ability of the rider to control the motorcycle
  • The higher your skill, the closer you are to matching the motorcycles capability
  • Good skill means the rider will have efficient and intuitive reaction to road hazards
  • Good skill leaves you with more headspace for CRAFT such as situational awareness
  • Practise and level up objectively via streetSKILLS 101

2. Craft (Road)

  • Ability to understand risk
  • Ride defensively
  • Anticipate hazards
  • Often comes by learning the hard way through experience
  • Data driven system currently in development

3. Mind

  • Growth mindset
  • Attitude to risk
  • Self preservation
  • Doing the right thing
  • Ride to the spirit of the law
  • Committed to becoming an expert rider
  • Data driven system currently in development
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